How to write off gift certificates

A business that donates a gift certificate to a qualified nonprofit organization may be eligible for a tax deduction when filing its income tax return. Under Internal Revenue Service tax codes for tax-exempt organizations, gift certificates and gift cards are non-cash donations. Your business must confirm that the donation qualifies for a tax deduction and use the appropriate IRS form, based on the type and value of the donation.

Under IRS rules, charitable contributions are eligible donations made to qualified nonprofits. The donations are made without conditions. The donor may deduct the total amount of the donation only if no benefit was received in exchange for the charitable contribution. Charitable contributions include cash donations, property, investments and non-cash donations, which include gift certificates. IRS Publication"Charitable Contributions," provides detailed instructions for claiming charitable tax deductions.

Confirm that the nonprofit organization to which you donate the gift certificate qualifies for charitable tax deductions. The IRS allows tax deductions for donations to organizations granted tax-exempt status under section c 3 of the tax code. Some nonprofits, such as political groups and civic leagues, do not qualify for charitable tax deductions.

Ask the nonprofit about its tax-exempt status or visit the IRS website to look up the information on its charities page. Charitable contributions are reported on the tax return form for the year in which the donation was made. File your taxes using Form and use Schedule A to itemize your deductions.

You must itemize to take charitable deductions. Your business then may deduct the value of the gift certificate.

Maintain documentation in your records to verify the donation of the gift certificate. Retain the documentation for use if an audit occurs. You may choose to keep a copy of the gift certificate and the acknowledgement letter sent to your business by the nonprofit organization.

Make sure your documentation includes the name of the nonprofit and the date and amount of the donation. Gail Sessoms, a grant writer and nonprofit consultant, writes about nonprofit, small business and personal finance issues. She volunteers as a court-appointed child advocate, has a background in social services and writes about issues important to families.

How to Maximize Deductions for Charitable Donations

Sessoms holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies. Ideas for a Salon Cut-a-Thon. Share on Facebook. Charitable Contributions Under IRS rules, charitable contributions are eligible donations made to qualified nonprofits.

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Qualified Organizations Confirm that the nonprofit organization to which you donate the gift certificate qualifies for charitable tax deductions. Claiming Deductions Charitable contributions are reported on the tax return form for the year in which the donation was made. Documentation and Records Maintain documentation in your records to verify the donation of the gift certificate.Shall I take a chance on destroying your holiday spirit by talking about gift taxes?

Actually, you will probably feel a whole lot better after you read this. How much tax do I have to pay on that? The answer always surprises them: none. How can that be? Can I write that off? First of all, what is a gift? Bestow all you want on your spouse. Get lavish. No gift taxes for transfers to a husband or wife. But you will have to file a gift tax return if you give your spouse interest in property that will be ended by some future event.

Pay tuition or medical expenses for anyone--as long as you pay it directly to the medical or educational institution. No tax will be due. Be generous with bona fide charities - these gifts are deductible and not subject to gift tax.

Gifts, excluding gifts of future interests, that are less than the annual exclusion for the calendar year are not taxable transactions. The annual exclusion for all tax years beginning Jan. You can give that much without incurring a tax liability or having to file a gift tax return. Anything above that amount may be subject to gift tax. If you wish to give more than the annual exclusion, you may be able to defer taxes on the gift by applying the unified credit from your future estate tax to the gift.

This reduces your unified credit in future years but is a good tool to legally avoid paying gift tax now. You are still required to file Form to declare your gifts. Some gifts, other than charitable contributions, are deductible. Under this definition, you and your spouse or you and your business partners are considered one giver.The essential accounting for gift cards is for the issuer to initially record them as a liabilityand then as sales after the card holders use the related funds.

There are varying treatments for the residual balances in these cards, as noted below. Gift cards are a concept that has been in use for many years, first appearing as employer -provided scrip that employees could use to acquire goods in the company store. The current interpretation of the gift card has since been expanded to include all consumers, not just employees.

Gift cards are a boon to the companies selling the cards, for the following reasons:. Source of cash. The recipients of gift cards do not necessarily use them. Many card recipients spend not only the amount on the card, but a great deal more, which is known as upspending.

how to write off gift certificates

Returned goods. The amount of goods returned to the company decline from what would be experienced with a gift purchase, since the card recipient knows exactly what he or she wants to buy. There are a number of accounting issues related to gift cards, which are as follows:.

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Liability recognition. The initial sale of a gift card triggers the recordation of a liability, not a sale. This is a debit to cash and a credit to the gift cards outstanding account.

Sale recognition. When a gift card is used, the initial liability is shifted into a sale transaction. If there is a reasonable expectation that a certain proportion of gift cards will not be used, this amount can be recognized as revenue. When a gift card is not used, the funds must be remitted to the applicable state government; the company cannot retain the cash.

This requirement is stated under local escheatment laws that cover unclaimed property. Consequently, there must be a system for tracking unused gift cards, which trigger a remittance once the statutory dormancy period has been exceeded. Fraud reimbursement. A thief could obtain access to the identification codes for individual gift cards that are on display in retail stores, wait for someone to buy the cards, and then use the codes to buy goods.

When this happens, the issuing entity should reimburse the defrauded customerswhich should be tracked by the accounting staff. Though it is not an accounting transaction, one should also be aware of the delay in recognizing sales caused by gift cards. Card recipients may not use them for months, so the initial "sale" of the card only results in the recordation of a liability, which is eventually transformed into a sale when the card is used by the recipient.

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The Tax Rules of Gift Giving

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How to Write Off a Gift Certificate to a Non-Profit

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how to write off gift certificates

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